Commitment to
Environmental Preservation

One Environmental Inc. was founded on a deeply-rooted responsibility to the environment. Today's industrial and energy complexes are essential to economic prosperity, yet we understand that hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams are unavoidable. More importantly, we know the critical need to ensure these waste streams are processed and recycled or disposed of in a manner that prioritizes environmental preservation.

We are committed to this goal as an ideal and constructive contribution to critical industries' sustainability throughout Alberta and Western Canada. We prove this daily through our:

  • Commitment to regulatory compliance and maintaining in-depth regulatory knowledge.
  • State-of-the-art facility design that ensures high service levels while mitigating environmental risk. Continuing encouragement of employees to develop sound judgement for making environmentally responsible decisions in the workplace.
  • Collaboration with regulators, industry peers and customers to support significant waste and environmental management policies.
  • Integration of business planning and growth objectives with industry-leading ecological sustainability goals.
  • Integration of operational planning and our customers' requirements for regulatory audit and compliance.
  • Maintaining open dialogues with industry, government and the general public about our processes, policies and track record.

We know our commitment to environmental sustainability is an unfailing guide to supporting our customers' success economically and meeting their social responsibilities.